Monday, November 25, 2013

Bright sunshiny day

Not only has the sun shone brightly all day, it's also been one of those rare days when everything falls neatly and happily into place, as if the stars are aligned perfectly.
- I slept all night. That never happens.
- I made a new playlist for my IPod, without counting or timing the songs, and it lasted the duration of my 45 minute walk - the last song finishing just as I reached our front gate.
- Our council Green Waste collection began today. We completely forgot to do anything about this over the weekend, so this afternoon, J sawed up the branches and I bundled them and put them out on our nature strip. I swear, the council truck came along and picked them up within five minutes of us coming inside. 
- Z decided to paint her chest-of-drawers and was about to go and buy paint when we found 3/4 of a tin of the exact paint she needed.
- I washed and hung out several loads of clothes, towels etc., on two clothes lines and two clothes horses and it all dried.
- I needed to move a fly screen from one window to another. I hate doing this because although they may come out easily, they are the devil to get back in. Of course, today the screen slipped right into position with the minimum of fuss.
- It's quite windy, but I haven't suffered from hay fever all day.
All of these are such simple, mundane things, but it is very satisfying when everything turns out just right. 

 Z had a bubble-blowing break from painting.

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Anonymous said...

So pleased for you. Enjoy the harmony. N x