Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Peace in the chaos

A very trying couple of days here with a couple of dramatic situations playing out. Time to take a deep breath and focus on the good moments.
 I worked on Sunday. When I'm standing at the counter, this aesthetically pleasing bay of books is directly in front of me.
At one point on Sunday, I witnessed a couple of twenty-somethings (male and female)literally fondling a couple of these books before they came over to buy one. I can most definitely relate to this.

 On Monday, E, Z, and I went out for brunch at a nearby restaurant.
No, the phone never leaves that girl's hands.

 The restaurant has recently changed hands and now has a herb nursery and health food shop attached. Z is ecstatic about this.
There were hundreds of intriguing herbal concoctions on display and we felt like we were in some weird apothecary in the Harry Potter world.
 What on earth is "False Unicorn Root", for instance?

We purchased some lovely soy candles and this poster.
Today, so far, is very quiet and peaceful.

Found ivy growing in our garden. I have no recollection of planting it here, but it's staying. One of the few things that isn't either wilting, burnt or dead due to this horribly dry summer.
Smoochy kitties are always a good thing.

....... and the sky is this colour.

This paragraph, from Tana French's "Broken Harbour". So very true.


Anonymous said...

I was saying exactly that to G the other day. There's enough drama in life, without going looking for it. Another beautiful blog, and I love the half moon pic especially. Initially, I thought those book shelves were yours! I was very envious. N x

Anonymous said...

Hope everything ok sis. On books N just gave me probably my favourite book that mum read to me when I was little. It is called " The Story of Ferdinand', its a about a bull, cheers G

Anonymous said...

I actually thought that first photo was your book shelf and I was thinking 'gee mumma you have bought a lot of books since I was last at your house'!