Saturday, February 2, 2013

Preserving memories

I've kept myself occupied most of the day by sorting through several boxes (and one suitcase!) of old photos and attempting to achieve some sort of organization. It's getting there, but it's a slow process. Ideally, I'd like to scan all the fragile old photos in my possession, but this is an enormous task and requires endless patience and unlimited time, neither of which I have right now. I settled for scanning a few (probably about 100) today, which is a start.
The aforementioned suitcase was given to me by my sister for safekeeping and contains hundreds of photos of my Dad and his family and friends. Some of them are quite intriguing  - Dad apparently had quite a large number of glamorous female friends in his youth.....
The photos I enjoyed looking at the most were the ones of my paternal grandmother. I'm fairly certain they were all taken by her husband, my grandfather.
I don't know a lot about their relationship apart from being told that he treated her like a queen throughout their marriage and that she suffered a breakdown when he died and was never the same again, even though she outlived him by over thirty years. Sadly, there's no one left to ask about this now.
The photos tell some of the story. They clearly show a woman very much adored by her husband.

All these photos would have been taken between about 1925 and the mid-to-late 1930's.
The little boy in some of these is my dad.

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librarygirl said...

the past is a foreign country, they do things differently there x