Monday, February 11, 2013

A very merry unbirthday

My lovely second-born girl, E, has been constantly reminding me (and making me feel guilty over the fact) that I won't be here for her birthday this year as I will be "gallivanting around the Continent" (husband's words).
To appease the hard-done-by birthday girl, we decided to have a celebration exactly one month before the actual birthday. These festivities took place on Saturday.
I gave E one early present as did C, who won't be here for the actual birthday either.
Dinner included her usual birthday favourites - Vegetable pasties followed by Tiramisu for dessert. Z also made her specialty pizza  (pumpkin, spinach, sun-dried tomato, fetta and basil pesto).
C's contribution was delicious Snickers brownies. 
Card from C

 Here's the birthday girl with her beloved, and a table full of sweet treats.

Lots of photos were taken, including a couple of outtakes like the one above. I have another which is even better than this where everyone is cracking up with laughter, but I'm fairly certain one particular person would object strongly if I dared put it here.

E requested a board game night so we played "Scattergories" for hours. We started off with six of us playing but ended up with eight as the kid's partners arrived as the evening wore on. We had an absolute ball.
As "unbirthdays" go, I think it was a pretty successful day.
Now I just have to ensure that the family remembers to make an appropriate fuss on the actual birthday!

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Anonymous said...

Happy almost birthday, E. (Even though we're around for the real one.) Looks like fun. I wouldn't mind one of those. Love, N.