Thursday, November 1, 2012


A cold, wet and miserable day today. Not looking forward to starting work at 5pm this afternoon.
I've been doing this odd shift (5pm to 9pm) every Thursday for a few weeks now. It's hard to get motivated that late in the afternoon and then I'm barely there and it's almost time to leave. Oh well.
I try to have a more substantial lunch on Thursdays - a poached egg on toast (today with spinach, avocado and cheese) instead of the usual fruit and yoghurt or a salad.
I also try to eat lunch at around 3pm, but not today. Having a hungry day today.
 Have spent the morning doing the usual stuff around the house, followed by some planning for a very exciting holiday which will be happening next year. So looking forward to it!

Now on to the movie rewatch (because I've watched heaps and need to catch up here)
More Hitchcock goodness.

"The Trouble With Harry" (1955)

Harry is found dead in a field near a small picturesque town in Vermont and several of the town's inhabitants go to great lengths to dispose of his body as they individually believe they may have caused his death. Very entertaining, very black comedy. Something a little different from director Alfred Hitchcock. Shirley Maclaine, in her first role, is an unusual choice for leading lady given Hitchcock's penchant for cool blondes, but she is very cute here.

"To Catch a Thief" (1955)
This movie has everything going for it - Hitchcock as director, the beautiful Grace Kelly and the handsome and charming Cary Grant. It is set in the French Riviera so the scenery is gorgeous. The plot is decent - there's a cat burglar on the loose and  John Robie (Cary Grant) is the prime suspect having been somewhat successful at this very occupation in the past. However, it lacks.... something. I just can't pinpoint where the deficiency lies. It's still fun to watch but with so much going in its favour it should have been great not just good.


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Anonymous said...

The Trouble With Harry is marvellous! However, I can see why people didn't like it at the time :)