Sunday, November 4, 2012


Instagram photos by E.

My girls and I enjoyed a very fancy lunch with some lovely people yesterday. Delicious food in elegant surroundings. How lovely it would be to live like this all the time.

Today it was back to reality for most of us - three of the children having to go to work at different times.
However, there was still time for some fun and games this morning - specifically, playing "dress-ups"
There is much talk of weddings here as we will be attending a very special one in  a couple of weeks. I was telling E about my mum's wedding dress and we decided to get it out for her to try on.
Here's mum pictured below in her beautiful lacy dress in 1959. She doesn't look too happy here but this was the only photo which shows the dress in its entirety.

Here's the dress close up showing more lace detail.
It is absolutely tiny. Mum must have been only about an Australian size 6, going by today's measurements.

Here's my lovely girl in Grandma's dress.

  Unfortunately, the lace is ruined on one sleeve and the whole dress is very fragile, but it is still very beautiful.

Of course, I then had to get out my wedding dress for E to try on too.
Here are my sister and I on my wedding day in 1984.

My dress was a typical 1980's puffed sleeve concoction from Laura Ashley.

 I'm pretty sure E preferred her grandma's timeless classic dress to her mother's now dated 80's style gown.
Looking forward to seeing what the bride will be wearing at our much anticipated family wedding!


Anonymous said...

So gorgeous! Both weddings. The standard has been set VERY high. Hope I don't let the side down....N x

Anonymous said...

Pretty. E should wear one to the wedding!


The Elephant's Child said...

Just beautiful. Thank you.

librarygirl said...

ellabella looks like tess durbeyfield in your dress!