Monday, October 8, 2012


The bride looked lovely at her wedding yesterday, but I couldn't take my eyes off the beautiful bridesmaid who just happened to be my number two daughter.

All the bridesmaids looked gorgeous. I loved their black dresses.

 The groom and groomsmen all wore grey converse shoes which looked great.

My sympathies went out to the girls as it was absolutely freezing yesterday. I was shivering away myself as Z had promptly stolen my jacket the moment we arrived at the venue.
Despite the weather, it was a lovely wedding.
This photo taken by J's girlfriend. Although I took many group photos of the bridal party, I didn't manage to get one with the wedding chapel in the background.  


librarygirl said...

oh she is adorable. of course everyone else looks ok

The Elephant's Child said...

Simply beautiful. Thank you. And, for a change, those bridesmaid dresses could be worn later. A big plus. None of mine could.

Anonymous said...

What a stunner! N x

Suse said...

So beautiful! I love the little plaits wrapped around their heads. Very elegant.