Sunday, October 7, 2012



Dismal day outside. Does not bode well for successful photo-taking at the wedding we are attending later today.
Filling in the hours until it's time to get ready to go out, I decided to indulge all my senses. Actually, I didn't decide this exactly. It just so happened that all the photos I took seemed to relate to one of the five senses.
Went fruit shopping this morning. Displayed for best effect in my new blue bowls 
Browsed through this lovely book while eating lunch.
Ate this for lunch. They tasted as good as they looked and smelled.
Bought a new wax melt yesterday. Our house smells like coconut and vanilla.
Sprigs of Jasmine for a bit of fragrance in the Study.
Listened to this (among others) while walking this morning.
Nothing like Play-Doh for a little stress relief.
Squished this up while on the computer.
(and it smells good too)

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