Monday, August 6, 2012


I'd love to take credit for this beautiful quilt, but it was actually made by C, who put many long hours into its creation over the past months. It's a gift for C's best friend who welcomed her gorgeous baby boy into the world last week.
( Congratulations again, L and O!)

The baby's gender was unknown during the pregnancy, so C chose colours and patterns which would be appropriate for a boy or girl.

The quilt was backed with polar fleece for extra cosiness.
I love it.
Meanwhile, I've done nothing more creative in the past weeks/months, than sew a patch on an old pair of jeans.
My favourite jeans, you know the ones you wear in perfectly and then they begin to wear out. These are so comfortable. I usually wear them on my walks. I could probably sleep in them.
Sadly, they wore out at the knee so I've had to do a patch-up job in the hopes they'll last a bit longer.
More gardening was done yesterday, until this happened.
Before and after photos of the next section of the yard coming soon.

Rescued some blossom which had prematurely blown off the tree in yesterday's wind.

 Likewise, these violets which had sprung up in the lawn and were about to be mown over.

As always, my constant companion was striking an attractive pose at every opportunity.

Have been browsing through this lovely book lately, because everything is "all about London" at the moment.
This is my lunch of choice of recent days (when not at work). Raspberry, banana and watermelon smoothie. Delicious.

Well, that was a lot of random flitting from one subject to the next!


The Elephant's Child said...

That quilt is an heirloom in the making. Please congratulate C on her artistry.
We could do with some rain. Much promised, incontinent pigeon rain (splat,splat and its over) all that was received.

Anonymous said...

Thanks mamma! : ) Did you watch the womens marathon yesterday? The views of London! OMG!