Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Not sure how we got to August so fast, but here it is.
Of recent days, it's been far too wet and slippery underfoot to go for my usual brisk walks. I'm always too wary of slipping over in these conditions to obtain any fitness benefits. As an alternative, some strenuous gardening has been undertaken. It was indeed a jungle out there in the back yard. Believe it or not, this is our vegetable garden. 

Here's a closer look. The only edible item still growing was some parsley which had largely gone to seed.

Don't know what this is.
Maybe a triffid?

Our little wonky path was also very overgrown.

I found these deep in the vegetable garden.

Our kitty friend was intrigued.

The pile grew considerably.
Some of these were used in a Shepherd's Pie for dinner.

The cat was impressed with my efforts. I'm sure he was thinking, "wow, a giant kitty litter tray just for me!"

He rolled around happily in the dirt .

End result.

Now for the rest of the yard!

The sunshine over the past couple of days has resulted in this.

This is outside our bedroom window.

I may have to do some early spring cleaning to remove all the spiderwebs around the place, although they are lovely when the sun lights them up.

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Anonymous said...

Oh that kitty! So cute! Good work on the garden! Wouldn't it be weird if you found that raspberry plant in there that wouldnt die? Or the giant zucchinis that tasted like a foam mattress? remember those??

C xo