Thursday, August 9, 2012


When we built this house sixteen years ago, we planted lots of roses.  D gave me rose bushes for my birthday, anniversary and the first mother's day of that first year in our new home. I think I had about ten of them all up. They were all lovely and bloomed prolifically.
  This photo was taken in 1999

Then, two years ago we added a new room to the back of the house. I lost all my rose bushes bar one. I probably could have tried to replant them but it was the wrong time of the year for that, and not having a green thumb at all, I was doubtful I'd have any success anyway.

These were the last flowers I gathered before the plants were uprooted to make way for concrete foundations.

For my birthday that year, I was so touched when my four children entered the room each carrying a new rose bush.
My very special birthday present back in 2010.

These roses did well too, although (strangely) I couldn't locate any photos of them actually planted in the garden.
This brings me to the subject of today's post.
Somewhere beneath this wilderness, those four rose bushes were buried.
They were dutifully pruned in mid-July (clippings in the foreground of the above photo). Not only did I just leave those clippings there, I also ignored the fact that the poor roses were being strangled by the out-of-control convolvulus and the white Happy Wanderer.
I've always had a fondness for creepers and climbers but tend to let them get the upper hand sometimes.

Several hours later.

I removed two straggly lavenders (still contemplating removing the one in the corner), cut back the convolvulus heavily, trimmed the Happy Wanderer, and added a fresh layer of mulch.
The roses are probably in shock about the sudden exposure to air and sunlight! Hopefully they will reward me by producing beautiful flowers later in the year.

Next job will be a weed- filled path.

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The Elephant's Child said...

Now that is an impressive clean and tidy up. I will have my fingers crossed for your roses.