Saturday, July 7, 2012


Below zero temperature here this morning. Our birdbath still looked like this at 9.30am.

The ice sheet which Z removed was like a fancy glass plate.

Gorgeous sunny day. Perfect for gardening. I managed to get a bit of pruning done this afternoon, but ended up being too easily distracted by this kitty.

So I played with the cat and picked violets instead.


Julz said...

Picking violets is gardening I reckon; that's the sort of gardening I did today too.

librarygirl said...

oh so cute - and it looks FREEZING cold at your place!

Anonymous said...

Oh my God! Fred! I love him!

shadygrey said...

Cute kitteh! And his coat complements the violets so well.

Anonymous said...

Looks like I'm no longer the newest member of the family. A big warm welcome to kitty kat who doesn't look like he's going anywhere any time soon. N.