Thursday, July 5, 2012


When it comes down to it, winter doesn't last very long.  Signs of spring are already here.


I'm filled with anticipation for how this particular tree will look in just a few short weeks.

In contrast, every so often I'll spot a splash of unexpected autumn colour.

Loving the skeletal trees.

...and some truly amazing winter cloud formations.

Almost up-to-date with the movie watching. Some interesting selections in the last week.

"The Picture of Dorian Gray" (1945) is based on Oscar Wilde's novel of the same name. Drama verging on horror story, it tells the story of Dorian Gray who remains unnaturally youthful in appearance despite years of debauchery and evil. The portrait that he hides away displays Dorian's true nature in shocking detail.
Dorian's portrait before it begins to change.

"Spellbound" (1945) is directed by Alfred Hitchcock and stars Gregory Peck as an amnesiac who suspects he has committed murder, and Ingrid Bergman as the psychiatrist who attempts to uncover the truth. Many typical Hitchcock suspenseful moments. Most intriguing scene is where John ( Gregory Peck) describes a dream in which every moment is significant. The amazing surreal set design was created by Salvador Dali.

"Notorious" (1946) is another classic Hitchcock. Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman are perfect together.
Bergman plays the daughter of a convicted Nazi traitor who goes undercover to seek out and uncover the activities of her father's associates. Grant is the secret agent who recruits her, falls in love with her (of course) and assists her in her mission. Much nail-biting suspense ensues.

Some of my all-time favourites coming up next - a couple of the movies which make this rewatch endeavour totally worthwhile.


librarygirl said...

Do you know, I was just thinking about that variety of jonquil today when I was picking paper whites in my garden. Do you remember the winter school holidays when we were kids and picking them in the paddocks across from home and closer to the creek? There must have been houses there at some point long ago.
I remember getting am armload with Nana Steer once.

Manderley said...

Such a lovely memory. Also, do you realise that it's one year tomorrow (7th) since settlement on the old house? Where did the time go?