Saturday, May 12, 2012


Her Deb dress was appropriately named "Princess".

I could easily post four hundred photos here because that's about how many I took, but I will restrain myself.

We couldn't have been more pleased at Z's choice of Deb partner. They have been friends since they were four years old at pre-school.
They stole the show during their grade's performance at a whole-school musical production when they were six years old.(Z is in the blue outfit. Her partner in green)

They were School Captains in grade six. Here they are above at their Primary School Graduation night.

They have changed quite a bit since those days!

I loved watching the beautiful dancing on Deb night. It was like stepping back in time to a different, more gentle and elegant era.

 All the radiant girls and their wonderful partners did a great job and had a ball.
A really lovely evening.

Also, many thanks to G and N for the much-needed pre-deb drinks and nibbles!


The Elephant's Child said...

She is simply beautiful. You must be bursting with pride.

librarygirl said...

Oh those photos are GLORIOUS, you are so good, a missed career opportuntity I think. Beautiful subject helps of course. But they are so natural and none of that hideous photoshop.

Manderley said...

Thank you. She did look lovely.
I hate the way some photos are so heavily edited these days. You really aren't capturing the moment if you then alter the image within an inch of its life! I DO like the occasional black-and-white variation though.

Anonymous said...

I second librarygirl's missed career opportunity comment. You have quite a talent in the pic taking department. Never too late. Was lovely to see you. We were delighted that you had time to pop in. Everyone looked gorgeous. N x