Thursday, May 10, 2012


Super-short working week as I'm taking Friday off so I can be around to assist the stressed debutante in any way I can, including lacing her up in her dress until she can't breathe.  
 Then I have Saturday off too, in order to recover from Friday (midnight finish). We will all heave sighs of relief when it's Saturday. I swear it's as if a massive wedding is about to take place. Thank goodness neither of the other girls wanted to do their Debs.
 I'm sure it will all be lovely and I'm looking forward to taking many, many photos but oh the STRESS.

Other happenings this week:
We celebrated husband, D's, birthday on Wednesday. He was very pleased with his many gifts and enjoyed being the centre of attention for a day. Currently in his element enjoying the latest series of "Grand Designs"
E has to help cater for a friend's baby shower on Saturday which has meant making a million cupcakes and baby-bottle shaped biscuits. As she has had to work extra shifts this week, I've had to do some trekking about to purchase the ingredients for this. (Really hard to find blue decorations for cupcakes - had to settle for coloured sprinkles.)
She had a trial run with some of the cupcakes today which we all got to enjoy. Delicious.
On top of all this, half the family has come down with colds and the rest of us are just waiting our turn. The Debutante has just taken headache tablets so this is not a good sign. E, the Baby-Shower Caterer, has no time to be sick. We shall hope for the best...

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Anonymous said...

A belated "happy birthday" to D. Best wishes from N & G.