Saturday, April 28, 2012



A new book.
 I am so weak when a lovely new cookbook arrives at work.

Pretty pink

Very quiet here tonight.
D has gone to bed.
E has been away camping since Wednesday.
J is out with friends celebrating his girlfriend's birthday.
Z is at a party.
I dread the day when such emptiness in this house is the normal state.

The girls were wearing contrasting attire when they left home for their social activities this week.
E, cosily clad in readiness for the great outdoors.

Z, ready to party the night away in this lovely, but seasonally inappropriate dress. (The party theme was "wear white")
It's freezing outside right now but I'm sure she won't notice. Kids never seem to worry about the weather, certainly not at parties anyway.


librarygirl said...

Funnily enough I've been loving a WW cookbook I borrowed from work - "Sweet old time favourites", so much so that if you have it in your shop I'll get you to put one aside for me.
In it is nearly every recipe from our childhood....

Anonymous said...

Well I stayed at home and watched The Big Bang theory with a friend. I am clearly your coolest child.

Manderley said...

Undeniably cool! Your night sounds pretty good to me - much better than partying or clubbing or camping!!! xo