Sunday, April 29, 2012


Thinking today, about how I'd like to decorate our spare room/study walls. I'm not one to leave a wall bare. In fact, I'll often be heard bemoaning the lack of empty wall space in this house. It's a bit limiting creatively.
So I've had this lovely freshly painted bare-walled room to play with for some time now. The reason for the delay in rectifying the "bareness" is that I wasn't sure how long I would have that particular room. Ever since C left home, Z has expressed an interest in moving into C's old room. However, she has hesitated about making that move, mainly because C's room is at the front of the house and quite exposed to the street. We finally agreed to have holland blinds installed in all three front bedrooms to give all the kids more privacy (and more light) without them having to close their heavy curtains. The blinds are due to be installed on Tuesday and then hopefully Z will make her decision and I will have a new room to decorate.
I already have plenty of raw material to work with and just need to purchase a few frames - probably from the op-shop as I've done in the past.
Still unsure if I'll just use a couple of pictures, or cover a whole wall as I've done in our laundry:
These are all cards I've been given or purchased over the years. My stockpile of cards grew again after the U.S. trip so I have plenty to choose from. ( First photo above)
I've also contemplated framing some of my childhood swapcards for a nostalgic touch.

These two and the one below were always my favourites.

I purchased this book from the op-shop with the intention of cutting it up and framing some of the pictures.

Now, I think it's too pretty to destroy. That's ok. There's plenty of other material around here to use instead.


The Elephant's Child said...

Keep us posted. It looks like the end result will be beautiful.
When I see a card I like I buy it - meaning I have cards for most occasions. I wont buy sympathy cards in advance though - which is silly because it is really hard to find one I will put my name to. Mostly I revert to 'blank for special message' cards then.

shadygrey said...

Sarah Kay cards! How gorgeous they are. I still have mine too.