Monday, April 30, 2012


Yesterday I made these Honey Muesli Bars out of the Australian Women's Weekly "Baking Day" cookbook. Absolutely delicious. I've been restraining myself all day from eating too many of them.
Z rarely eats anything other than muesli bars when she's at school and the homemade option seems a better choice than the bought variety.
It was obviously meant to be, as my pantry contained every single ingredient needed for this recipe - right down to the sunflower and sesame seeds. Who even knew there were Rice Bubbles hidden away in a dark corner?
Anyway, they turned out beautifully and will last for the rest of the school week (hopefully).

Today was a restful movie and sewing day. I can never have too many of this sort of day.


Anonymous said...

Is that All about Eve?

The Elephant's Child said...

Those muesli bars look good - and undoubtedly much better than the store bought variety.

Manderley said...

Not All About Eve - can't wait until I get to that one! It's Now Voyager.

Anonymous said...

We have a friend who lent us the 'Now Voyager' DVD, saying it reminds him of us (G&N). I wondered if it was because in the opening scene she's an unbalanced, dowdy spinster with bushy eyebrows but, much to my relief, it was because G lights my cigarettes. Terrific movie. Loving your photos. N xx

Manderley said...

Laughed out loud at that comment N!
You are DEFINITELY not the dowdy spinster type! I love the whole cigarette lighting thing in that movie - so much meaning behind such a simple action.