Saturday, April 28, 2012


Can't get enough of this.


The Elephant's Child said...

It is a joy isn't it? And changes each day. Magical.

Cardemom said...

Your photos are beautiful. I feel like a bit of a dope - it never occurred to me that your leaves also change colour in Australia. We in Canada think it's hot and green there (or beige and dusty in the "outback") all year round. It's funny to be following your blog as you roll into winter and we are just rolling out of it. Spring is springing and we're just raking away the old brown leaves that have been protecting the garden plants all winter. Little green shoots surprise me every day. I forget what was growing where until they pop out of the earth again. C.
PS my son and I were agog at your bird photos - we only see birds like that at the zoo.

Manderley said...

Thanks for visiting and for the lovely comments!