Sunday, February 19, 2012


Watched "The Help" last night and really enjoyed it. Thought-provoking, very moving and beautifully acted by the entire cast. Meryl Streep is facing some stiff competition on Oscar night from Viola Davis in the Best Actress category ( and this is coming from someone who adores Meryl Streep and thinks she deserves all the awards all the time)
Anyway, on a (very) shallow note, what I loved most about this film was the gorgeous early 1960's fashions. I couldn't take my eyes off these fabulous clothes!
Bryce Dallas Howard (pictured) was dressed divinely throughout.

Florals were clearly in back in the early '60s. This inspired me to seek out some photos of Mum similarily attired in the same time period.
This is Mum (holding me on the right) with her sister and nephew. This would have been in 1961.
Beautiful dresses, possibly made by my grandmother who made most of their clothes.
Here's another from early the same year. Not floral but such a lovely classic style.
I may have to start watching "Mad Men" again (which I gave up on as I found it way too cynical and depressing) if only to get my 60's fashion fix.


Anonymous said...

Nic and I are hooked on Mad Men can watch many episodes back to back, we are only in the second series but it is getting darker and darker cheers G

Anonymous said...

We love the pics you've taken and love the one of you and Audrey. Gorgeous. G & N-(F S-I-L) xx