Monday, February 20, 2012


Into this:

So that I could turn this:

Into this:

The chest of drawers used to be in E's room but has been in storage for over a year. I already had a tin of suitable paint on hand so this project cost nothing except a bit of time.
I did the painting yesterday and the wardrobe reorganisation today. I've always had trouble with clothes on that top shelf due to being vertically challenged and never being able to see or reach up there properly. No more throwing things up there with annoyance! Most of my work tops are now in the drawers along with other casual tops and track pants. Woollens remain on the high shelf until summer ends, then another re-arrange will be done.
Threw out one garbage bag full of unusable stuff and another bag will be going to charity. Very satisfying.

Speaking of satisfying, dinner tonight was exactly that.

Root Vegetable and Chickpea Tagine made by C.

Plum Tray Bake with White Chocolate Custard made by me. Both recipes are in the March edition of "Delicious" magazine.
Making custard from scratch scares me usually but this turned out really well.
Two helpings mean extra walking tomorrow!


librarygirl said...

Yum - also need to speak to you re 18th birthday celebrations here. Will call tomorrow.

Manderley said...

Good.Have no idea what to give the birthday girl!