Monday, January 2, 2012


E is painting her room today which is fine by me as she is old enough to do this without parental assistance.
I will miss that beautiful blue, but as Z's room has undergone the same transformation, I know we will be pleased with the fresh new look.

Here's Z in her room prior to repainting. (artistic photo taken by a friend)
This is Z's room now. Very peaceful.

It's funny how things go full circle. When we first built this house, every room was painted the same colour - it was called "ice-cream". Eventually, the kids all wanted their rooms different colours. We've had various shades of purple, pink, blue, yellow and green. Two years ago, we began to repaint the entire house in "Antique White USA". After E's room is painted, only three other rooms will not be this colour. J has three pale blue walls and one blackboard wall. C's room is green. Not her choice. This used to be Z's room when C lived away from home for three years. Here's Z enthusiastically painting over pink walls in her old room.(This room wins for the number of times it's been repainted- cream to yellow to pink to green)

C hated this colour when she first moved back home but says she can tolerate it now.

D's and my room is pink. An aquired taste for many, I'm sure. We love it in the winter months because it feels warm and cosy. Not so much in the middle of summer - a crisp, cool, white room is looking pretty good right now.

In other exciting developments, we kept cool today with ice-cream and lemonade icy-poles. Also finished off the traditional New Years Trifle( tradition started last year)



librarygirl said...

Is it a Nigella trifle?

Manderley said...

Not Nigella. Just your regular old-fashioned English trifle , but still delicious!