Sunday, January 1, 2012


I had hoped to write a "memorable moments of 2011" post yesterday, but cleaning and party planning took up most of the day, and it takes a while to go through a years worth of photos - in my case anyway.

So here it is now. These are not the best photos of the year, but they commemorate a moment or experience of significance to me or other family members.
Went to the Melbourne Zoo with C and E for the first time in years. We could have watched the seals gliding serenely around their pool for hours.
Enjoyed the stage performance of "Mary Poppins". This was for C and E's birthdays - both in March. Lots of fun.
Lunch at the Langham Hotel for C's birthday. So elegant.

Saw Nigella Lawson cook, in person , at the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival. C and I then got her to sign two of her cookbooks. She is just lovely. So natural.
Met Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy from the Harry Potter movies) at the Supanova Scifi Convention. E had her photo taken with him and I think she thought she'd died and gone to heaven.
 Lovely get-together with the family for Easter.

J and girlfriend went to Paris - and to many other amazing places in Europe during a three month adventure.
My birthday in August was a quiet affair after the week long extravaganza of the previous year. One of my favourite moments of the day was when Z made us hot chocolate to have outside in the winter sun.
New York. What can I say. Everything we did on every single day was memorable. It was incredible.
After Z and I went home from our New York interlude, C and E continued with their 8 week tour of the United States. They had too many wonderful experiences to list, but I'd say hot air ballooning over the Arizona desert was a highlight.
Yes, another Scifi convention - we are nerds and proud of it- this time it was the Armageddon Expo where we saw Amanda Tapping and Robin Dunne (from "Sanctuary") among other celebrities. These two are hilarious and J and I had a great time.
Christmas. Guaranteed to be memorable, year after year.

A new year has begun to unfold. Looking forward to more good times.

In a (rather random) side note, I noticed this street sign during my morning walk.
  Who wouldn't want to live here?

  Happy 2012.

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