Saturday, December 31, 2011


Cleaned, tidied, sorted all day. I hate to start a new year with a messy house.

Put away a lot of the Christmas knick-knacks but the trees will stay up for another week.

While cleaning out the fridge, I found this tin of White Chocolate Rocky Road which I had completely forgotten about since we had it on Christmas Day. (Recipe from Retromummy's blog.)
 Z couldn't resist it either.

Right now, I'm trying not to listen to what passes as "music" these days while about thirty 16 year-olds party it up in our back yard.

Finally gave in to Z's pleading for a New Year's eve party. I guess this is the one night of the year that the neighbours can't complain about the noise.

C, E, and J are all out at various celebrations, so husband and I are having a relatively "quiet" night - closed doors and high volume on the TV are blocking out a lot of the background noise. Only three hours to go.


The Elephant's Child said...

Happy New Year.

librarygirl said...

You are such a nice mummy.
Happy New Year!
I wish this house was tidy - stuff EVERYWHERE due to floor re-sealing.

Manderley said...

Silly mummy is more like it! I'm still wiping unknown marks from walls and finding sticky substances on floors even after Z did a big cleanup. AND the neighbours DID complain and the police came. Never again I say!!!

Manderley said...

Happy New Year to all! xxx