Tuesday, January 3, 2012


E finished painting her room and it looks great- so fresh and so much bigger  with the light walls.
My day consisted of a few odd jobs around the house, including finding homes for a couple of Christmas presents.
E gave me this and it's the perfect storage solution for scarves and various pieces of jewellery.

My Christmas present from J was this framed collection of photos of the four kids on their travels this year. C is pictured in Washington, E is at the Grand Canyon, J is in Germany and Z is in New York. A very thoughtful gift.

While on the subject of travels (never far from my thoughts), I've decided to do a few blog posts about New York over the next few weeks.
The 1410 photos I took are my visual diary of our wonderful trip. I tried to capture even the smallest details of our days on the camera so I wouldn't forget anything. Now I feel the need to write about our experiences and this space feels like an ideal place to do this.
I think one post per week will be enough and I'll try not to be too long-winded as the photos do tell the stories pretty well by themselves.
And, no, I wont be posting all 1410 photos!

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librarygirl said...

GOOD! re the photos, because I've only seen E's that she posted via Facey, on J's Facey.