Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Frohe Ostern

Easter was a low-key affair here. Two kids were off camping for the weekend, one was at work, one was out for most of Sunday. Pretty quiet.
No shortage of chocolate though, and when C arrived after work on Sunday, she whipped up the most delicious Hot Cross Bun bread and butter pudding.
Still trying to get back into a day-to-day routine. I guess I probably won't until I'm back at work (tomorrow) and perhaps not until the school holidays end. I'm experiencing a bit of post-holiday melancholy which is probably to be expected. Hanging out washing and cleaning the kitty litter tray is quite a departure from gondola rides in Venice and dinner in the Eiffel Tower!
The residual cough from the European virus finally abated enough in the last two days to allow me to resume regular walks. I was surprised at the lack of Autumn colour, which was already abundant this time last year. I suppose the long, hot summer and still relatively mild days and nights are to blame for this. Walked for 40 minutes before I found a couple of colourful splashes.

Belatedly added the list of books I've read so far this year in the sidebar. List for 2012 can be found  here.

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Anonymous said...

Welcome home, M. I loved your overseas pic's, and am looking forward to more of your local Autumn ones too now that you're feeling better. What a worldly family I've stepped into. N x