Sunday, November 25, 2012


 My sister has already blogged about the beautiful family wedding we attended on Friday night so I'll try to not be repetitive here.
It was a wonderful night in a perfect setting and the bridal couple were deservedly blissfully happy.
We are all so thrilled that the lovely bride has officially joined our family.

Credit goes to J's girlfriend, M, for the first photo. I was, unfortunately, not having much success with my photography throughout the night. Apologies to the bride and groom!

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Anonymous said...

M, we LOVE the photos and are thrilled that you could all attend. We had a wonderful evening that we will never forget and are now relaxing in a stone cottage set in a vineyard in the Coonawarra. Bliss! I'm so happy to be a Sxxxxm, and so appreciative of such a warm welcome into the family. Much love, N.