Friday, August 24, 2012


So I've been on holiday for nearly two weeks and although I've achieved a great deal on my to-do list, there is one job I've been putting off.
Our storage area, fondly referred to as "the Warehouse" around here, is urgently in need of a clean out.
It appears deceptively small in the above picture, but it actually stretches along one side of our house.
It's a real mess at the moment. There are boxes and boxes of stuff, unused furniture, tools and heaven only knows what else.
Although I object to clutter in the house, I tend to avoid this by storing things in the warehouse rather than face a decision about throwing them away. I am, admittedly, a hoarder.
I now aim to sort out a couple of boxes a week and try my hardest to throw away/ give away some of this stuff.
One of the reasons for the delay in beginning this task (apart from the overwhelming hugeness of the entire enterprise), is that I'm slightly apprehensive about what might be living in amongst the mess.
I know I'll find something unpleasant.
Last time a major clean out took place, we disturbed the poor creature pictured below.

This fellow scared the living daylights out of me when I found him.
Fortunately, the entire storage area has been secured more efficiently since then. But still, I have some concerns...
I may update my progress here...... if I make any progress.

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The Elephant's Child said...

I love the possum, but I suspect it was a moot point which of you was more scared.
Good luck with the clean out.