Sunday, August 26, 2012


"Operation Warehouse Reorganisation" is going quite well. Spent the last couple of days clearing a path through the mess so I can actually get to the boxes I need to sort out.
I already have eight garbage bags full of stuff to be sent to the charity bins and two garbage bags full of ....garbage.
Although exhausted by this effort, I managed to go through one box. I started small, with a shoe box full of shells. The basic principle of de-cluttering is that you should only keep things which are useful or beautiful. These shells are beautiful without a doubt, but they also bring back very happy memories of various beach holidays and day trips over the years.

I'm reminded of one holiday in particular which I took with my future husband many years ago.
The photos below are taken on that holiday at the lovely house in which we were staying.
And look, I obsessively-compulsively arranged shells and photographed them back in the day too.

This sunroom should be in a time capsule.

Our view from the holiday house.
Lorne, Victoria, 1983.
The shells are staying. Good memories.
Maybe I can think of a way to display them?

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The Elephant's Child said...

What an incredible view from the holiday house. And you are very right about the beauty of shells.