Sunday, August 19, 2012


I have a birthday coming up soon, and as C won't be here on the day due to work commitments, she spent the last couple of days spoiling me.

She made these cupcakes which were delicious.

These "Little Audrey" Skipping Girl bookends are my birthday present from C. I love them!

They have nifty little secret drawers. So cute.

Gorgeous birthday card.

J gave me his gift early too as he was worried I'd go and buy it myself. He presented me with"The Hunger Games" on DVD and a massive block of chocolate. I'm feeling very indulged! 
So, my weekend has consisted of movie watching, eating sweet treats and reading. My idea of a perfect weekend.

As the picture above indicates, I've been reading Justin Cronin's "The Passage". Finally finished it today and I feel quite drained by the experience. I haven't been so totally absorbed in a book for a long, long time. Can not wait for the sequel.


The Elephant's Child said...

Happy forthcoming Birthday. Those indulgences look lovely.

Anonymous said...

The little Audreys are meant to be next to Grandads old books : )