Friday, July 13, 2012


This week.
We have been enjoying the fragrance of these...

... and this.

We are all becoming more attached to this cat every day.

E even invited him into her room one day.
He is indeed the most photogenic cat I've ever been aquainted with!

E managed to get some homework done despite having to work a 39 hour week.
As I write this, she is enjoying a well-deserved night out.

She appears to be having fun if her recently uploaded instagram photos are anything to go by.

Z was a little bored on the school holidays if her instagram photos are anything to go by.
She is having a girl's night tonight at a friend's house.

I have worked longer hours than usual this week so not much time for anything else.
I did, however, go out AT NIGHT (!) on Tuesday for dinner to farewell a workmate who is leaving us to work in the U.S. for six months.
After our lovely meal at a local restaurant, the eight of us went bowling. This was venturing way out of my comfort zone as the most physical activity I ever get is through walking. Anyway, it was great fun and I didn't embarrass myself or let down my team and in our first game  (over '40s versus under 40's) I came second out of eight and even scored a strike. Not bad for someone who can't even remember the last time she bowled! Only took one blurry photo unfortunately and have no proof of my success so my kids probably think I'm telling fibs.

Yesterday was our workmate's last day, so I made cupcakes and brownies for our afternoon tea. She was very appreciative and very teary when it was time to leave. She's a wonderful girl and we hope she comes back to us after her big adventure in the States.

Tonight, I was impressed with myself for actually putting together a half-decent meal after nine hours at work. I usually get home and collapse in a heap after working that many hours.
I'm putting up this photo of this lovely chicken stir-fry with hokkien noodles as a reminder to myself that it's really not that hard  to concoct  a tasty meal in a short time after a tiring day!

Another long working day tomorrow, at the conclusion of which I intend to reward myself with the purchase of a new book (or two), followed by a nice rest on Sunday.

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