Monday, May 28, 2012


Another Scifi convention today - this one featuring the stars from the TV show "Supernatural". It was a really good day, although very long as these events always involve a lot of waiting around. As this was a more exclusive event (limited seating) the waiting was made much more pleasurable by very pleasant surroundings (the Park Hyatt Hotel ballroom), comfortable seating, luxurious amenities and episodes of "Supernatural" on large screens to watch while passing the time.
As always, all the stars were entertaining, friendly and very charismatic - especially this one:
Misha Collins (Castiel) was just gorgeous. E and her friend both had photos taken with him. C settled for an autographed photo.
 Afterwards, E and friend met other friends for dinner and C and I enjoyed a light meal ourselves before heading home.

I love Melbourne at night.


Anonymous said...

So lovely!


Shadygrey said...

What? Convention? Supernatural? In melbourne? How did I miss this??? You met Castiel? I am so jealous. He is my favourite character. OMG how did this happen?? Alright, so I've missed most of the latest series, but for goodness sake! I am going to have to sulk for a bit.

Manderley said...

Shadygrey - Must admit, I was a bit of a tag-along to this convention having missed a couple of whole series of the show, but after seeing these guys in person, I'm inspired to watch the whole thing from the start!

librarygirl said...

I loved early eps of supernatural - b has watched it all - but I've come back to it recently... it's a hoot/spooky. last night: poor dean in purgatory!