Saturday, May 26, 2012


Most of our family's favourite recipes are kept on cards in a recipe box. This box was always a plain old system card box which worked well enough but was not particularily attractive. About a year ago, I replaced the old plastic card box with the pretty retro one pictured below.
The new box, although nice to look at, has not worked out well.
It's too deep, the lid doesn't flip back all the way and it's impossible to flick through the cards to find the one required - I usually have to remove whole sections to find the card I want. Very frustrating.
So, it's back to the plain blue plastic one. Of course, I'd given away the old one so had to purchase a new one. Fortunately, it wasn't expensive.
Today, I decided to jazz up this new recipe box. I used scrapbooking paper to cover the panels on the box and the recipe dividers.


All I need to do now is label the dividers and sort out this massive pile of recipes.

Some of these will be discarded - as Z said to me "Do we really need six different recipes for chocolate cake?"
This will be a good opportunity to test a few recipes on the family and determine if they really are still favourites.

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librarygirl said...

I need about 3 different versions of most things, I think. Then I pick the best bits of them all and make my own recipe...