Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Last week's unrelenting busyness seems to have caught up with me. What with a birthday, a Deb Ball, helping prepare for a baby shower, sick kids, Mother's Day, ANOTHER sick cat (though she seems to be getting better), going to work, and dealing with a massive backlog of household chores. All a bit much really.
My dry washing pile ( as tall as the couch now) remains untackled, but I really can't put off sorting this much longer.
I did manage to paint the shelf in our spare room/study yesterday (pictured above). I contemplated removing it, but an empty shelf never goes astray around here.
Loving the white-on-white in this room.
Today, I have one child home sick, and the others coming and going to Uni and work. I've done nothing more strenuous than finish my book (Deborah Forster's "The Meaning of Grace"- heartbreaking but wonderful) and will now quickly eat the last piece of Cheesecake Slice before someone else finds it.

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The Elephant's Child said...

With all you have had on your plate I would have retired, like a Victorian heroine, to bed. For a year or two. Be kind to yourself. Though reading, a piece of cheesecake slice and a cuppa do fit that quite nicely.