Monday, May 7, 2012


Passed a lovely Sunday afternoon at the cinema with my four lovely children. Armed with popcorn and other treats, we thoroughly enjoyed "The Avengers". Action a-plenty and lots of laughs - in other words, pure escapism. My favourite "Avenger" was Ironman, played by the very charismatic Robert Downey Jnr. Here he is below looking mighty fine without his Ironman attire.

On the home front, here are a few recently watched movies from the year 1942.
"Now Voyager". Firstly, let me just say this: smoking is bad. Very bad. But in this movie the lighting of cigarettes is symbolic of a whole lot of other things going on and it is portrayed successfully as very romantic and even sexy. The scenes where Paul Henreid lights Bette Davis' cigarettes are the most memorable in the movie.
Bette Davis plays the downtrodden Charlotte, who suffers a breakdown and goes on an ocean cruise to aid her recovery. She undergoes a physical and emotional transformation and finds romance along the way. Such a beautiful film.
 Can't resist. Here are couple more cigarette photos.

"I Married a Witch" starring Veronica Lake as the very naughty witch, Jennifer. Pretty funny, and Lake is very engaging, but it was spoiled by the poor quality DVD I was watching. Among other things, the volume had to be frequently adjusted which became tedious. Might give this another go if I can locate a better copy.
"Random Harvest" is one of those classic Hollywood romantic weepies. Ronald Colman is a shell-shocked army officer during the first world war, who has amnesia. Greer Garson is the showgirl who looks after him when he escapes from the asylum. Various dramas ensue. Very sad but most enjoyable.
"Woman of the Year". What's not to love about this? It stars Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy who are absolutely wonderful whenever they're together.
She's a world famous journalist and he's a newspaper sports writer. She has trouble balancing her home life and job (don't we all) and some very entertaining situations result. 

 Not much happening here today. C and I went out for coffee this morning before she went home. Other children at school, Uni, and work. I really need to knuckle down and clean this house. It's a disaster area. Piles of washing everywhere (wet, dry and as yet unwashed), floors in desperate need of vacuuming, damp towels all over both bathrooms, dishwasher to be emptied.... the list goes on and on. Best get on with it so I can maybe have a reading/ sewing generally fun day tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Yet another terrific post, M. G will call you about this, but will you have time to call in for a drink Fri eve before the big event? Don't feel pressured as we understand if it will be too tight a schedule, but since you're in the street.... We'd love to have you. Just let us know. Also, does C need dining chairs? We're getting rid of 4 which are in good condition. More like kitchen chairs, than dining chairs, but if she doesn't have any she might be interested. We can send you a photo, to help her decide if you like. N.

Manderley said...

Thanks N. Was going to call you this week. We would love to visit on Friday. I think I will need a drink by then! Z has to be there much earlier and is going in a limo. The rest of us will be on a tight schedule though as we cant pick E up from work until 6pm. Unfortunately C has just bought new dining chairs. Isn't that always the way!!! But thanks for the offer. talk to you soon.