Thursday, March 15, 2012

Autumn in New York

 New York, Sunday the 25th of September, 2011

Our big adventure was sadly reaching an end but we still had one more fabulous day and night in New York City and we would make the most of it. I took so many photos. I think two blog posts will be necessary just for this one day!
We had to be out of our apartment by 11am but check-in at our hotel wasn't until 3pm. Fortunately we were able to check in our luggage at the hotel any time.
Poor C had the unenviable job of lugging all our bags down four flights of stairs. This included E's and Z's suitcases as they had only taken backpacks to Florida. I helped as much as I could but both she and I were sure I'd break my neck if I carried them down. These stairs had been the bane of my existence while in the apartment. They were very steep and narrow and rickety in parts. Going up was fine. Walking down them was nerve wracking for someone with a fear of heights. C was an absolute trooper and did all the hard work.
A taxi took us to the hotel where we left our bags and we then filled in several hours sight-seeing , shopping a little and relaxing in a nearby Starbucks.
We mingled with the beautiful people along Fifth and Madison Avenues (where everyone looks like a movie star) while admiring the window displays in the very glamourous stores.

Eventually it was time to enjoy a very special afternoon tea at the very famous, very elegant, very beautiful Plaza Hotel.
By the time we had finished our delicious afternoon tea, it was well past check-in time at our hotel but that didn't matter because we were already at the hotel! Yes, we were staying at the world famous Plaza Hotel in New York City in two luxurious suites. This was the biggest extravagance of the entire trip and we couldn't wait to experience it. be continued.