Wednesday, February 29, 2012


A few new things are going on around here.
C is about to move out of home and into an apartment. She initially left home when she was 18 and shared with a friend. After nearly four years she returned home and is now ready to leave the nest again. I know this is a good thing and right for her, but I will miss her terribly. Last time she was within a twenty minute driving distance. Now she will be on the other side of the city - about one and a half hours away.
E has begun studying for higher qualifications in her chosen field (child care) and is finding it difficult juggling work and homework again after a break from studies of three years. She is very determined though and I'm confident of her success.
J has also gone back to school after his year off to travel and work. He started at Uni this week and is still getting used to his new routine.
Z has started her first VCE year and is dealing with all the stresses that this involves.

All I keep thinking is where did my babies go?! Surely they were in prams, playing with toys, going to kinder and Primary School just five minutes ago?

 I just read over this and it sounds like one of those "family update" letters people send out at Christmas to family and friends. Oh well.

Important Update: Z has found a wedding  Deb dress and a deposit has been paid! She tried this dress on and her face lit up and I nearly cried (with relief that she found one she loved and because she looked so beautiful) Here's a sneak peek:

Gorgeous girl


The Elephant's Child said...

Truly gorgeous.

And, will they ever stop being your babies on some level?

librarygirl said...

ooooooh too many lovely photos on a day when I am feeling emotional anyway!