Sunday, February 5, 2012


This beautifully renovated old cinema was the perfect venue for the movie C and I saw today.
"The Artist" is a black-and-white, silent movie, and it is an absolute delight. I was a bit unsure about this despite all the rave reviews and awards it has won lately, but C and I loved it. I honestly didn't even notice the lack of dialogue after a while.

Actor, Jean Dujardin, is the whole package - talented and gorgeous. 

Earlier this week, I watched another two classic movies.
"Jezebel" (1938) stars Bette Davis as a rebellious Southern Belle who causes all sorts of trouble in New Orleans circa 1852. This movie should  have been in colour in my opinion as the pivotal scene involves Davis scandalizing everyone by wearing a red dress to a ball where unmarried women were only supposed to wear white.
I didn't love it but can appreciate it for the excellent acting by Davis in particular who won the Best Actress Oscar for this performance.

"The Adventures of Robin Hood" (1938) has everything - adventure, romance, humour, villains to boo and heroes to cheer, gorgeous costumes and plenty of "swashbuckling". I have fond memories of watching this on Saturday night when I was a kid with whichever other family members happened to be around. Good times.
Errol Flynn as Robin Hood

Olivia De Havilland as Maid Marion

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The Elephant's Child said...

I have read that a number of people have walked out - not realising it was a silent movie. Thanks for the review - and that cinema did indeed look perfect for a touch of nostalgia.