Monday, January 16, 2012


Migraine all Sunday and the lingering effects still present today. I know I get off pretty lightly with migraine symptoms compared to some poor people. However, the pain and nausea pretty much made the day a write-off. No reading, computer, TV, sewing, gardening (sun too bright, and I was so looking forward to a sunny day). Tried to sleep, wore sunglasses around the house, nibbled on almonds to ease the nausea. A really fun day!
In the morning, before it really took hold, I entertained myself by browsing through my old scrapbooks. Back in my early twenties, I bought a lot of magazines.Rather than keep them all, I would cut out all the pictures and articles I liked and stick them in scrapbooks. I still do this now, but as we have very few magazines in the house ( C has a subscription to "Delicious" and Z has one for "Frankie")  it takes about 5 years to fill one up.
It's fascinating to look back at these as they are a fairly accurate record of my interests over the years. Royalty, actors, movies, fashion, home design, gardens. There's a wedding dress phase, a baby phase and a home decorating phase. Interestingly, the same faces appear prominently over the thirty year span these scrapbooks cover.



The Elephant's Child said...

Your scrapbooks look super impressive.
You have all my sympathies on the migraine front. And I hate the hangover feeling which can last for a couple of days afterwards. I hope yours leaves you completely soon.

Manderley said...

Thanks for your concern. Much better today!

shadygrey said...

I love your scrapbooks. Sort of like Pinterest for pre-internet times. But better.