Saturday, January 14, 2012


What is this thing called "summer" I've heard about? This week it's like we've been transferred to the Northern Hemisphere. I don't mind cold, cloudy days as a rule, but as I'm now on holidays for ELEVEN WHOLE DAYS, I would like to see a little sunshine. (Well I hope it's 11 days - I have been called into work from holidays in the past )

So, Day 1 of my holidays began with some reading in bed, then a long walk, and out for a coffee with C. I then decided to tackle a job I have been putting off. Now, when I started this blog, I wanted it to have only pretty pictures and pleasant things, but now I'll have to share a dirty little secret simply so I can go on to show what I did today. This is what greeted me when I opened my linen cupboard last night:
Yes, things did fall out when I opened the door, and yes, this is a disgrace.However, I can't take the blame entirely for this situation. There are other guilty parties - one in particular...
Garbage bags and laundry marker in hand, I set to work sorting this mess out.
Matching linen sets were placed inside a pillow case from each set. ( Handy hint from a friend)
Queen and double sheets were labelled accordingly with the marker.
All the single bed sheets were placed in a bag to go to charity ( there aren't any single beds in our house)
The sewing machine was covered with an old pillow case to keep the dust out.
I am quite happy with the end result.
I even found some long forgotten doilies inherited from my mum and grandmothers hidden at the back.
These were carefully hand- washed as they are a bit fragile.
 Hopefully, I can find somewhere to display these.

After all that hard work, some delicious Banana Cake (made by C.) was my reward.
Another job tomorrow perhaps? Or maybe a day of relaxation instead? We'll see.


The Elephant's Child said...

Oh wow. Your before linen closet looks a little (a lot) like mine. I lean on the door as I try and shut it. That was a wonderful handy hint. And an inspiration.

librarygirl said...

I must do the sheet labelling thing - we have single, double and queen and I NEVER know which sheet is which. I like the folding sets together idea too...

Manderley said...

You'd be surprised at what's lurking behind some of my other cupboard doors. Then again, maybe not after seeing the linen cupboard!

shadygrey said...

I do love to see pictures of organised cupboards, especially before and after shots. Well done for thinking to get the camera out before the clean-up! I always forget that bit.

victoria said...

I love a good oraganised linen cupboard shot!!
p.s. The scrapbooks are wonderful.