Wednesday, May 20, 2015

It's been a long time....

I'm not really getting back into this - at least, I don't think I am. We'll see.

This is for N, who told me the other night she was always a bit disappointed every time she's checked here in the last year to see if I'd posted anything. That annoying seagull is not the first thing you'll see now!

This is also for my darling Eloise, who asked me a while ago if I'd blog about her wedding. Absolutely. It's the event of the year for our family and it's nearly here!

I can't really sum up an entire un-blogged year in one post so I'm just sharing a few random pictures from the last couple of months. Autumn is the best time after all.
Spectacular sunsets

Stunning sunrises

Home grown sunflower with busy bee

Autumn bliss

Rainy days

Unexpected visitor
Pretty bridal shower cake

Bridal shower swirls

Happy bride-to-be

Autumn feast

Sleepy cat

Shadow cat

Yoga cat

Moroccan feast

A walk in the forest

Bachelorette beauty

A random selection indeed.


librarygirl said...

Yes you must start regular posting again!
Pretty please xx

Elephant's Child said...

How lovely to see back - however briefly.
Gorgeous photos, busy time.
And yes, autumn is a delight.