Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Our December

Not surprisingly, December was a busy month, both at home and work.

We celebrated our youngest girl successfully completing school with her Valedictory Dinner at a posh city venue.

December was all about the food, of course. This lovely spread at C's place on Christmas eve.

Everyone got a little carried away with the gift giving this year.

Christmas morning is still a joy, even with grown up kids.

Christmas day and Boxing day were spent catching up with family, eating, and laughing.

 Best of all, after much secretive planning and scheming to ensure the maximum amount of surprise and romance, E's boyfriend proposed to her on New Years Eve, and she very happily and tearfully accepted. A perfect end to the year.


Elephant's Child said...

How lovely. Happy New Year to you and yours, filled with health, happines, love and laughter.

Anonymous said...

My, what a beautiful proposal! Has brought tears to my eyes. So happy for you both. N xx