Monday, October 7, 2013

Fresh paint


So, the painting bug hit again with a vengeance in September. My desire for the entire house to return to the original neutral cream walls we started out with, has been an ongoing dream for the last three years. Down to the last three rooms now and we're done.
I began with J's room. This room started out cream, before becoming mauve and then pale blue. A blackboard wall was added a couple of years ago.
This was quite a big painting job due to said blackboard wall (which required four coats of paint) and many, many holes in the walls and ceiling which needed to be filled. Yes, at one point J had pinned posters to his ceiling.
As the room was unoccupied, there was no rush, so it was completed over about four days. We're happy with the result.

After, with bed added.
Ignore those annoying shadows!



Clean, fresh, uncluttered, peaceful.

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Anonymous said...

It does look very peaceful. Fresh and lovely. We need to get around to doing the same at our house. One day....N.