Monday, September 23, 2013

Golden Birthday

Our boy is now 21 and I can't believe it.
 His party was a big success. Family, friends, and the birthday boy, had a great night.

 C created a fabulous triple-layered cake.

 I took a few "before"shots of our party room (husband's usual retreat), and decking just prior to the guest's arrival. 

Couldn't resist some morning after shots as well.

 On the whole, the young ones actually managed to get most of the empties in the strategically placed recycling bin.

The only casualty - someone fell into the drinks bin.
No after after shots as yet. The area has been cleaned, but is still not neat and tidy. Might try to achieve that before Christmas....


Anonymous said...

Had a ball! Thanks again. N xx

Elephant's Child said...

Love that smile - baby and now.

librarygirl said...

You should host everybodies 21st !