Sunday, June 30, 2013

Goodbye, June

One month of Winter already gone. How?
June saw a couple of changes around here.

Our baby girl turned eighteen. Baby no more. Various festivities took place.

Our baby boy left home. Big change. Always knew it would happen one day. Doesn't make it easier.
I'm still feeling rather flat following the massive European Adventure. I keep thinking, "so what's next?" After such an epic experience, I really need to start appreciating the small things again. Getting there gradually.

This weekend, I've been soothing my soul with music, books and hot chocolate.

Surrounded by sleepy felines.

He eventually got too hot in his little cave.
  Last night, I enjoyed a lovely Doctor Who marathon, and will probably do the same tonight.

Lamp light makes everything cosier.


Elephant's Child said...

June saw some very big changes in your world.
I think I would be feeling a bit shell-shocked.
Love the felines and the warmth of your home.

librarygirl said...

About time!
People have been nagging ME re your lack of blog posts!
I have been watching the latest doc eps again!