Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Eating our way through Europe.

It wasn't all about seeing the sights on our European holiday.
Trying as many local foods as possible was a big part of the experience. We ate some superb food, some of which is pictured here.
 In London, we went to "Jamie's Italian" where I ate this delicious Pasta alla Norma - eggplant, oregano, chili and basil in a rich tomato sauce.
This was followed by poached winter fruits with frozen vanilla yoghurt and smashed honeycomb.

 C's Bellini (Prosecco with peach puree) and my Rossini (Prosecco with red berry puree)
Our elegant afternoon tea at the Ritz Hotel in London included this delectable selection. So good. Just as well we were doing plenty of walking in London! 
On our last night in London, we ate the best traditional pub meal: beer-battered haddock with chips and smashed peas, and cider to drink. Delicious, but didn't photograph well in the dimly lit pub.

We ate incredible cake in Germany.

On C's birthday, we were in Austria and couldn't go past the traditional Wiener Schnitzel.

Our Austrian dessert was, of course, Apple Strudel. C really enjoyed her birthday feast, in fact this could be considered the best meal we ate in Europe.

In Italy, we ate pasta for every meal, which was always served as an entrée and always in massive amounts. We learnt that the best pasta sauces are the most simple.
In Rome, we ate pizza at a restaurant with a view of the Colosseum. The pizza was, I think, the third or fourth course in a five course meal. What a night that was!
As with the pasta sauces in Italy, less is more when it came to Pizza. Toppings were light and simple.
We drank many, many espressos in Italy, and C found a long-sought-after Cannoli in Florence.
In Switzerland, we ate bread and potato dipped in the most amazing cheese fondue.
Followed by equally amazing chocolate fondue.
There were, of course, a couple of less than memorable meals during our European tour - only to be expected, I suppose, when they are being mass produced at hotels for several tour groups. Fortunately, the excellent meals outweighed the bad. 
And no, I haven't forgotten to mention the food we ate in France.
That will be a whole other blog post!


Anonymous said...

Fortunately, I was eating lunch while reading that post. Otherwise my keyboard might be covered in drool. Wow. I love fondue! Happy belated birthday to C. Love N & G.

Anonymous said...

I want that schnitzel again! Also the plane food didn't get a mention here? why not? I thought that was your favourite : )

Manderley said...

Let's never speak of the plane food again!!! Eeww!
I often fantasise about that schnitzel. It was the best! xx