Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Books and more books

 Last week, E decided to have a big bedroom clean-out and rearrangement of furniture. Several bags of clothes etc have already made their way to the charity bins (instead of languishing in the back of the car for six months!) To achieve a more spacious look, she swapped the bookcase below for a smaller one which had been in D's and my room and also gave us a large chest of drawers which was taking up a lot of space in her room.
 I had a fun day rearranging my books in their new accommodations which is now in our lounge room.
And yes, as C pointed out, there are two copies of  "The Passage" in that bookcase - I also have five different editions of "Little Women" and four of "Jane Eyre" all in this one room.......

 Very happy that my cookbooks all fitted perfectly on the top shelf. That does not, however, mean I won't buy any more.

It's only a small room but this addition has not made it feel cramped in the least.

 Other randomness I'm enjoying at the moment:
 Peace in E's room.

 Z painted her wardrobe doors with blackboard paint and adorned them with these lanterns

 Loving stone fruit season. Nectarines are delicious right now.

Found two "Doctor Who" specials which I hadn't seen before. Two evening's entertainment sorted!

Completely addicted to these things. Ate them instead of lunch two days running. Must stop!

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librarygirl said...

Think you are turning into Dad with so many shelves and book multiples... Pot-kettle-black!
Do love tht waters of mars ep of the dr.