Wednesday, November 14, 2012


I saw Coldplay in concert with C, E and some of E's friends last night.
Several words come to mind to describe this experience : breathtaking, dazzling, stunning, theatrical, amazing and magical, are all appropriate.
The laser lights, fireworks, confetti cannons, flashing wristbands and giant balloons were completely over-the-top (in a good way) but none of it detracted from how wonderful Coldplay's music is and how great they sound during a live performance. 
Despite being such a massive extravaganza in such a large venue, there was such a warm, friendly atmosphere. Chris Martin is a legend. He certainly knows how to engage a crowd.
We loved every minute of this memorable night. 

Images from here and here  - great reviews and more images at these links too.
My only photos were of the dodgy phone/ipod variety (below)


Anonymous said...

What was Temper Trap like? We have one of their CDs and I'm wondering if they're impressive live. N

Manderley said...

Temper Trap were great.Excellent live - E has seen them 3 times now! Should have mentioned them in this blog post but I was too enraptured by Coldplay!