Saturday, November 10, 2012


.....and they said it wouldn't last, and yet here we are 28 years later.
We have survived raising four children, the day-to-day problems which arise when one partner has a physical disability, his retrenchment due to ill health, ongoing chronic medical problems, the deaths of all our parents (three of them within a ten month period), serious financial difficulties, three house moves, the construction of our current home and renovation of same fifteen years later and the disruption caused by my return to paid employment while he remains a house-husband.
It has been a roller coaster for sure but there have been many, many happy moments.
I have my beautiful babies and a husband who has never once forgotten an anniversary in 28 years of marriage and always presents me with an unnecessarily extravagant gift.
And whenever he drives me crazy, which is quite often, I only have to look at some old photos of him with our kids and the annoyance melts away.



The Elephant's Child said...

So much love - and such a beautiful bride.

librarygirl said...

Oh happy memories x

Anonymous said...

So beautiful. Brought a tear to my eye. Congratulations and well done. N xox