Saturday, October 27, 2012


This is what C calls me whenever I go for a walk in the cemetery. I guess it's a bit creepy, but I actually find it quite interesting from a photographic point of view. There are so many things to see, from the sorrowful statues to the intricate patterns on the lichen covered headstones.
I haven't walked here since the end of autumn, but it hasn't changed much. Still a couple of rabbits running around and I caught a glimpse of the resident cat who scurried off before I could take a photo.

Below, the saddest headstone in this cemetery. How the wife and mother of this family had the mental strength to go on, I just do not know.
 However, go on she did - and lived to a ripe old age too as the plaque below attests.


The Elephant's Child said...

You are right - that is truly sad. I suspect it was quite common as well, which makes it more tragic not less.
And I am also a creep, and find cemeteries very interesting and peaceful places to visit.

librarygirl said...

If you go to Paris next year - and you must - because I said so - have a little side trip to London on Eurostar and go to Highgate cemetery. I'm kicking myself we didn't go in 2010 when we were there but so many of the train lines were closed due to snow. High on my list for next time.

Manderley said...

Dear Librarygirl,far be it for me to go against your instructions! We ARE going to Paris and our trip has even extended somewhat further than originally discussed. I will certainly try to get to Highgate - that's if I can get C to go there.
Shall fill you in on all the details when we meet next Saturday. XX